Types of Aerial Lifts: Everything You Need to Know

October 14, 2020

Yellow aerial boom lift parked at an industrial site

There are many different types of aerial lifts. Each one has its own pros and cons. Understanding the types of aerial lifts will help you choose equipment for your business.

Investing in an aerial lift is an efficient way to increase mobility, efficiency, and flexibility. This equipment is known for its versatility and multifunctionality. An aerial work platform is also an effective replacement for traditional ladders and scaffolding.

At the end of the day, an aerial work platform provides operators access to otherwise inaccessible areas. Your business may be able to benefit from what these machines have to offer.

Learn more about the different types of aerial lifts to find out if this equipment is a good fit for your operation. Then, compare pricing on each of your options with Forklift Inventory. Find the best deal on an aerial lift for sale.

What is an Aerial Lift?

OSHA defines an aerial lift as any vehicle-mounted work platform that is used to elevate personnel. This includes extendable boom platforms, articulating boom platforms, aerial ladders, vertical towers, and any combination of those things.

Vertical personnel lifts and boom lifts are the two categories of aerial work platforms covered by this definition. Although many people think scissor lifts are a type of aerial lift, they are not. Scissor lifts are actually classified as scaffolds by OSHA.

The most popular types of aerial lifts are boom lifts. Learn about the different types of boom lifts below.

Types of Boom Lifts

Not every aerial boom lift is created equal. It’s important to have an understanding of the different types of boom lifts before you choose equipment for your business.

A boom lift is equipped with a bucket attachment that lifts up and away from the base of the machine. An operator controls the lift from the bucket. Because of this, these machines are often known as man lifts.

Here are the three main types of boom lifts:

1. Articulating Boom Lifts

An articulating boom lift is an aerial work platform attached to a boom arm. This arm has multiple pivot points, allowing it to navigate over and around obstacles. These machines use a hydraulic system to raise the platform.

These aerial boom lifts are ideal for crowded workplaces. Consider this equipment type if you need additional mobility and reach. Keep in mind that these machines are not as stable as straight mast options.

2. Straight Mast Boom Lifts

Straight mast boom lifts operate like other aerial boom lifts. However, these options do not have any pivot points along the boom arm. Because of this, they typically have a greater lift height and load capacity than articulating models.

If you need an aerial lift with lots of reach and stability, this might be the best option for you.

3. Towable Boom Lifts

A towable boom lift is an aerial boom lift that can be attached to a trailer hitch. This equipment is convenient for businesses that frequently need to transport their equipment to different job sites.

With a towable lift, you don’t need a flatbed trailer to move your equipment. Most models can be towed by any vehicle with a class 2 or 3 trailer hitch.

Consider your typical worksite before choosing between the different types of boom lifts.

Four boom lifts working on public transportation tracks

Choosing an Aerial Lift for Your Operation

Now that you know more about each of the different types of aerial lifts, you might have a better idea of what you need. If you know what you’re looking for, use Forklift Inventory to find it.

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