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What is a Fixed Telehandler Lift?

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A fixed telehandler is a type of material handling machine with a telescopic boom and powered wheeled chassis. Unlike rotating telehandlers, these machines have a fixed cab, making them similar to fixed cranes. These telehandler lifts offer ideal for outdoor operations. 

All telehandler lifts are equipped with outriggers for increased stability. They also have large pneumatic tires to help them travel easily over uneven surfaces. 

These tough machines can handle all kinds of outdoor terrain. Telehandler lifts are strong and have front forks that extend away from the machine. These forks are used to lift extremely heavy loads.

Most models have an average load capacity of up to 12,000 pounds. Telehandler forklifts are designed to lift and place loads in areas beyond the reach of the typical counterbalance forklift. These machines also have a variety of attachments that can increase their multi-functionality.

A fixed telehandler is a versatile and efficient tool for a large number of industries. Learn more about what telehandlers are used for and how they can increase the productivity of your business. Then, use Forklift Inventory to browse your options and find the equipment you need.

Is a Fixed Telehandler Right for Me?

Telehandler forklift with labeled parts

Fixed telehandlers are versatile and can fulfill a variety of applications. There is a range of industries that frequently utilize these machines, but they are most commonly found in agriculture and construction operations. 

Telehandler forklifts are typically fitted with pallet forks. These forks help lift materials up and away from the base of the machine. Most telehandler lifts have a lift height between 30 and 50 feet.  

There are different telehandler sizes available to fit a variety of industries. The size you need will depend on your worksite. Crowded worksites may need a small telehandler in order to navigate around obstacles.

Compact telehandlers are also available for worksites with many moving parts. These telehandler sizes work well in tight spaces. They are much smaller than typical construction telehandlers. Compact telehandlers are also easier to store. 

Consider the characteristics of your work environment before you choose. Whether you pick a large or compact telehandler should depend on the individual needs of your business. Does a fixed telehandler sound like a good fit for your business? Compare your options with Forklift Inventory today.

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If you need to find equipment for your business, Forklift Inventory has you covered. We carry the largest inventory of telehandlers for sale from pre-screened dealers. Our nationwide inventory includes machinery of all telehandler sizes from industry-leading manufacturers.

Simply answer a few quick questions to let us know what you’re looking for. Choose the load capacity and lift height you need. Then, we’ll match you with equipment that fits your specifications. 

Find a fixed telehandler for your business in minutes. Receive pricing and information on all of your options before you choose. Browse a variety of telehandler sizes to find the perfect fit. 

Forklift Inventory makes it easy to find equipment for your business. Let us help you choose a telehandler forklift by sending you hand-picked options that match your specific needs. Then, compare these telehandlers for sale to find the best option.

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