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What is a Loaded Container Handler?

Top pick container handler transporting a loaded container

A loaded container handler is used to move large shipping containers across a port terminal or loading site. Loaded container handlers can typically lift over 40 tons, which is why they’re able to move containers that are filled.

Loaded container handlers grab containers from the top, which is why they’re also called “top pick forklifts”. Top pick container handlers attach to the tops of containers with twist-locks at each of the four corners.

Typically, loaded container handlers offer a greater stack height (5 or 6 containers high) than other options because they lift via a straight mast. The straight mast of a top pick forklift offers more stability and strength, however, it also limits top pick container handlers to stacking in one row only.

Although loaded container handlers don’t offer much in terms of stacking depth, they require fewer dead picks when handling. This means that top pick container handlers require fewer movements in order to get to a certain container, giving loaded container handlers faster restacking and higher selectivity than other options.

Loaded container handlers offer stability for all of your container transport needs. Find the best deal on a loaded container handler near you with Forklift Inventory.

Is a Loaded Container Handler Right for Me?

Top pick container handler with labeled parts

Before browsing loaded container handlers for sale in your area, it’s important to get more information on loaded container handler applications to determine if this is the right equipment for you.

Loaded container handlers are designed to transport heavy, loaded containers with maximum efficiency. Because top pick container handlers only lift vertically, they offer additional stability that helps them lift heavy loads.

A top pick forklift is ideal for your operation if you need to stack and retrieve loaded containers quickly and efficiently, with as few dead picks as possible. 

Loaded container handler prices vary, but used options are available to help you stick to your budget. Forklift Inventory carries used loaded container handlers from pre-screened dealers that you can trust.

We also offer transparent pricing and specs, including usage hours and conditions. We’ll never show you new or used equipment unless it is the best quality.

Forklift Inventory allows you to compare pricing on loaded container handlers in your area. Compare loaded container handler prices with Forklift Inventory to find top-rated equipment near you.

Finding the Best Loaded Container Handlers for Sale

Top pick forklift transporting cargo

Forklift Inventory is the best online resource when it comes to finding loaded container handlers for sale. Our nationwide dealer network allows you to compare new and used container handlers from top brands and manufacturers. 

Forklift Inventory allows you to compare loaded container handler prices on top models from industry leading manufacturers all in one place. With just a few clicks, you can have free price quotes on loaded container handlers sent directly to your inbox.

We make it easy for you to get transparent information on a variety of top pick forklifts in your area. You don’t need to visit hundreds of websites or call dozens of dealers to find a top pick forklift for your operation. Just give us your desired equipment specs and we’ll match you with top pick container handlers that meet your needs.

Compare loaded container handler prices on the largest inventory of top pick container handlers nationwide with Forklift Inventory.

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