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What is a Rotating Telehandler?

Large green rotating telehandler outside

A rotating telehandler, or roto-telehandler, is an outdoor heavy lifting machine.

Rotating telehandlers offer 2-in-1 capabilities with the ability to perform the functions of a crane and man lift. 

Rotating telescopic handlers get their name from their rotational abilities. These machines can rotate a full 360 degrees atop the base of the rotating telehandler.

That means that the boom and operator cabin can rotate completely without ever moving the base of the equipment. Thanks to this feature, rotating telehandlers offer increased functionality and reach over other types of forklifts.

Forklift Inventory offers the largest selection of quality rotating telehandlers for sale and rent.

Rotating telehandler rental is also a great option if you’re working on a short-term project.
A rotating telehandler might be the perfect tool for you if you want to increase the efficiency of your workflow. Learn more below to determine if a rotating telescopic handler is right for your project.

Is a Rotating Telescopic Handler Right for Me?

Rotating telehandler with labeled parts

Before comparing rotating telehandlers for sale, you will need to decide if a roto-telehandler is a good fit for you.

In addition to the general applications, there are a variety of models with their own set of capabilities. 

First, roto-telehandlers are commonly used for outdoor projects, especially if stability and maneuverability are essential. 

Usually, these projects include things like construction, industrial applications, and public work. Rotating telescopic handlers can lift, extend, and swing.

If your job site is crowded and doesn’t allow for the easy movement of large machinery, a rotating telehandler can get the job done from one spot. Rotating telehandlers are incredibly useful for tight construction sites or city use.

Finding the Best Rotating Telehandlers for Sale

Rotating telescopic handler lifting building materials

There are plenty of rotating telehandlers for sale online. How do you know which rotating telehandler is the best?

The quickest way to find a great deal is by comparing your options.

By comparing prices and features of different rotating telehandlers for sale, you’ll be able to determine which roto-telehandler is the best option.

Forklift Inventory is your source for all types of forklift equipment. We have rotating telehandler available for rent and purchase.

Get started comparing pricing on rotating telehandlers for sale and find the best roto-telehandler for you.

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