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Pallet jacks are the most basic type of forklifts. Designed to move small loads for short distances, pallet jacks are much simpler and more compact than sit down forklifts.

To operate a pallet jack, the worker must first find a spot to stand right behind the pallet jack's lift. Then, slide the forks underneath the pallet. Lift by pumping the handle to raise the forks and pallets up until the floor is cleared. Finally, transport the load to its destination.

Due to their small size, pallet jacks are ideal for warehouses and unloading trailers. With a maximum lift height of under 10 inches, pallet jackets efficiently navigate in tight spaces.

If your forklift operators handle lighter weight materials, or work in a small space, a new or used pallet jack could be a great investment. Luckily, Forklift Inventory has the largest selection of new and used pallet jacks for sale for you to choose from!

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If you operate indoors with smaller load sizes, then a pallet jack could be your best fit. Unlike larger machines, pallet jacks don't break the bank and require very little upkeep. Their ability to quickly move pallets across warehouses has made them a favorite for carrying out everyday tasks. New and used pallet jacks also come in a variety of types.

A manual pallet jack is the most common type of pallet jack. Manual pallet jacks are used for lighter loads in tight spaces, such as facilities with ground storage. These pallet jacks are manual, however, so you should always keep speed of operation in mind. The largest benefit is that manual pallet jacks don't require fueling or recharging and are highly dependable.

Pallet jacks with scales are another option. If you're wondering what pallet jacks with scales are, they're exactly what they sound like! This equipment eliminates the need for a separate scale for weighing pallets. Pallet jacks with scales allow you to lift, move, and weigh heavy loads, all in the same place!

If you're working with small pallets, cartons, and equipment of similar weight, a small pallet jack is a great choice. In contrast to a standard pallet jack, a small pallet jack is easier to lift and move. Its compact wheels are high-quality, making for optimal riding over any surface.

While each type offers its own unique features, every pallet jack is consistent in its easy maneuverability, affordable price, and overall efficiency. However, no matter what you decide, you're always going to want the best of the best.

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