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What is a Propane Forklift?

Man operating a used propane forklift to load a semi-trailer

A propane forklift is a type of internal combustion forklift. Propane is the most common fuel type because it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

A sit-down propane forklift is a counterbalance lift truck. These models have a counterweight in the back to offset the load. The propane tank sits on the back of the machine behind the operator. To refuel, the operator simply needs to change the tank.

Of all the different fuel types, a propane-powered forklift is the quickest and easiest to refuel. It is also quieter than diesel and gas options and can handle tough outdoor tasks. Choose tire type depending on where you plan to operate the sit-down propane forklift. Pneumatic tires are suitable for rough outdoor terrain while cushion tires are the best for flat indoor flooring.

Unlike electric models, a propane forklift generates emissions during operation. However, emissions from propane are much lower than emissions from other internal combustion fuels.

Businesses that plan to use their equipment inside must follow OSHA’s guidelines for facility ventilation. This will protect operators and other employees from dangerous air quality hazards. Consider your facility type before investing in a sit-down propane forklift.

Is a Propane-Powered Forklift Right for Me?

Purchasing a forklift is a big investment. Before you start looking for a propane forklift for sale, it’s important to make sure this is the best equipment type for your operation. A sit-down propane forklift has an average lift height of 15 feet and an average load capacity between 10,000 and 50,000 pounds. These numbers vary by model.

Red propane forklift with labeled parts

In the warehouse industry, a sit-down propane forklift is typically used to transport pallets. This equipment is also used for cross-docking or dock-to-stock runs.

Outdoor operations often use these machines to tackle tough applications on rough terrain. Construction companies typically use a propane-powered forklift to move building materials or clear sites.

Regardless of which industry you operate in, there are perks to owning a propane forklift. First, propane tanks are portable and easy to change.

Second, propane models are cost-effective because their engines typically run longer than other IC engines. If new equipment is out of budget, a used propane forklift is always an option. Cut your costs instantly by opting for refurbished machinery.

Lastly, though they aren’t emissions-free like electric options, propane burns much cleaner than gas or diesel. If a propane-powered forklift sounds like a good fit for your operation, start browsing with Forklift Inventory. Get free pricing on a variety of equipment to find a new or used propane forklift for sale that fits your needs and budget.

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