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What is an Off-Road Forklift?

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Before you start browsing our selection of off-road forklifts for sale, learn more about these construction forklifts and what they have to offer.

An off-road forklift, or off-road fork truck, is specifically designed for outdoor use on rough terrains or even off-road. These construction forklifts are capable of maneuvering over the uneven terrains that are commonly found on construction sites. 

These machines have several features that allow them to do this. Off-road forklifts have tires with deep treads that allow them to travel over soft, uneven, or rough terrain.

Unlike a standard sit-down forklift, an off-road fork truck has improved ground clearance, making travel over these surfaces possible, even for a small off-road forklift. That means that in areas where a standard forklift might get stuck, an off-road forklift can move with ease.

This is especially critical at construction sites, which is why off-road fork trucks are considered to be a type of construction forklift.

Whether you’re looking for a large or small off-road forklift or a new or used off-road forklift, Forklift Inventory is the place to find it.

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Is an Off-Road Forklift Right for Me?

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There’s no use browsing off-road forklifts for sale if an off-road forklift isn’t the right equipment for you.

That’s why it’s important to understand just what an off-road fork truck is used for before you invest time in finding off-road forklifts for sale.

Off-road forklifts are great construction forklifts. Most off-road fork trucks are used on construction sites and other outdoor industrial job sites.

Consider investing in an off-road fork truck if you work in any type of rehandling environment and need lifting equipment with excellent mobility and efficiency.

If your project involves many moving parts, small off-road forklifts are available to get the job done even with limited available space.

Off-road forklifts are extremely durable, so choosing the right one is critical. Comparing all of your options for off-road forklifts for sale will help you make a smart decision.

Use Forklift Inventory to find a selection of off-road forklifts for sale near you and compare pricing and features on each.

Finding the Best Off-Road Forklifts for Sale

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Before you buy an off-road forklift, it’s important to compare your options.

Browsing a variety of quality inventory and comparing pricing and features will give you a clear look at each off-road forklift.

This information will help you decide on an off-road fork truck that’s a great fit for your operation.

Not sure where to find off-road forklifts for sale in your area? Let Forklift Inventory help.

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It really is that simple. Forklift Inventory is here to make finding the perfect off-road fork truck a breeze.

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