How Much Does a Cushion Tire Forklift Cost?

December 08, 2022 - Last modified: November 9, 2022 @ 6:03 pm

You need a lift truck for your warehouse. A cushion tire forklift may be the right choice, but you may not be sure how this type of forklift is different from others, and you'll definitely ask yourself, "how much does a cushion tire forklift cost?" Learn what to look for in a lift truck to be sure you get the right forklift for your job.

What Is a Cushion Tire Forklift?

There are all kinds of forklifts out there. Some are designed for outdoor work on rough terrain. Others, like the cushion tire forklift, are perfectly good for indoor use on smooth flooring, and there are lift truck designs for just about every lifting job in between, too.

A cushion tire forklift is the traditional style of lift truck, a compact vehicle with hydraulic forks on the front and small, solid wheels for moving in close spaces.

What Are the Advantages of a Cushion Tire Forklift?

Cushion tire forklifts have either three or four rubber "cushion" tires, which are made of solid rubber instead of being filled with air. These give the vehicle a very tight turning radius, allowing them to drive between warehouse racks, turn 90 degrees and access pallets of material.

Many of these forklifts are electric powered, which is also great for indoor warehouse spaces, as they make very little sound and create no fumes.

How Do I Compare Cushion Tire Forklifts for Sale?

The most important items to keep in mind as you shop for your new lift truck are how well it works, its features, its age, and of course, the cushion tire forklift cost. You will need a list of all of these details before you can get useful price quotes.

Cushion Tire Forklift Cost

The amount you'll pay for your cushion tire forklift cost depends on the model, power source, lift capacity, and whether the vehicle is new or used. A new, electric-powered forklift with a 5,000-pound lift capacity will usually cost between $35,000 and $40,000. A new diesel-powered lift truck with a 3,000-pound lift capacity is about half this price and should be around $20,000.

Buying New vs Used

The price of a used vehicle will be less than new for the same model, but how much less depends on the condition of the truck, how many hours it has on it, and how old it is.

New Cushion Tire Forklift Pros and Cons

The main downside of buying new is the increased cushion tire forklift cost. However, there are reasons that going with a new truck might still be better.

With new equipment, you can be sure that the forklift has never been mistreated. A new lift truck has its entire service life in front of it and will require little maintenance during the first few years. A new forklift should last at least 10,000 hours or roughly five years if it's used 40 hours per week.

When you purchase new equipment, you will be able to choose the latest features and attachments and outfit your forklift exactly how you want it. A new machine looks nice, too, although, for most warehouse managers, this is not as important.

New Forklift Delivery

The other downside is the added time it sometimes takes to get your new machine. If you happen to find the very model you want sitting on a dealer's lot, you won't have much of a wait. More commonly, though, you will have to order your forklift and any attachments and then wait, commonly four to six months or more, while it is built and shipped to your location.

Used Forklift Pros and Cons

Obviously, the biggest advantage of choosing used trucks is the upfront savings. The cushion tire forklift cost for used machines is significantly less than for new ones. The more hours a vehicle has on it, the shorter service life it will have going forward, and the more you can expect to pay for maintenance.

If you plan to use the forklift only every once and awhile or for light duty, these things will probably matter less than if you know you need a machine that you can run non-stop on a full-time schedule. With used vehicles, you will need to expect some downtime for service and possibly repairs.

The other challenge with buying used is finding a forklift with the attachments and features you need. If you will be running your forklift in a warehouse setting and lifting light loads on standard pallets, you should have plenty of vehicles to choose from.

On the other hand, if you're looking for cushion tire forklifts for sale that just happen to be fitted with unusual attachments, you can expect to spend some time finding the right truck.

One great benefit to buying used is that if you find a truck with the attachments you need, you will save a lot of money; most sellers include the attachments with cushion tire forklifts for sale, for a fraction of the cost of new attachments, and sometimes for no added cost.

Used Forklift Considerations

When shopping for a used forklift, check the hours already on the truck to get an idea of how much service life you can expect going forward. Ask to see the service records for the vehicle, and find out where and how the truck has been used. This information will help you calculate the expected lifespan of a used forklift.

A vehicle that has been lifting light loads in a dry place and which has a clear service history is worth a lot more than a truck that has been used in a marine setting and hasn't been serviced regularly, even if the models and hours are the same.

Fuel Options on Cushion Tire Forklifts for Sale

Lift trucks are powered by electricity, diesel, or liquid petroleum gas.

Electric-Powered Forklifts

Electric forklifts are great for indoor use, as they produce no exhaust. They are quiet and well-suited to warehouse work, as they are very sturdy and can reach great heights.  Cushion tire forklift cost for electric-powered models may be more expensive upfront but they usually require less maintenance and have longer service lives.

Combustion-Engine Vehicles

If you have good ventilation and a larger space, you can choose a combustion-engine-powered forklift, either diesel or LPG. They make more noise and produce fumes, but they can be more affordable. Gas-powered lift trucks need more maintenance than electric-powered models.

Refueling is quick with combustion-powered forklifts; electric vehicles need time to recharge.

Lift Capacity

The most important part of a forklift is what it can move for you. Every forklift comes with a rated lift capacity.

Most forklifts will be rated from 3,000 pounds and up. Keep in mind that just because a forklift is rated for 5,000 pounds, it doesn't mean you can lift that full weight in all situations or to any height. The machine might well be able to lift two and a half tons up off the floor, but it won't necessarily be able to lift it very high.

Remember that the higher you need to lift the load and the further from the base of the truck the load center is, the less weight you can move safely. Be sure to keep in mind all three factors when deciding what lift capacity you need.

Imagine, for example, a boom-style mast lifting a heavy load. If you raise the load straight up 6 or 8 inches from the floor, you can lift close to the capacity of the forklift quite safely.

However, if you raise a large load to the maximum mast height, it can be unstable and dangerous to the operator and anyone else nearby. If you then extend the boom away from the base of the truck, you can tip over the entire forklift. OSHA has useful information on safe load handling and how to avoid the dangers of a top-heavy load.

The general formula is simple: The greater the lift height and the further the reach out from the base of the vehicle, the lower the weight you can lift. Be sure you account not only for the weight of the materials you need to move but also whether you will have to place items on high racking or reach out any distance from the body of the forklift.

Attachments on Cushion Tire Forklifts for Sale

Cushion tire forklifts have almost endless options for attachments. Each attachment is designed to perform a specific task and will increase the usefulness of your forklift.

For example, an order picker or a sideshifter can place and retrieve materials from your racks more easily and with less damage than traditional forks. A clamp attachment makes it possible to move loads without the use of pallets; instead, they use slip sheets, saving space in the warehouse.

There are fork extensions that allow you to reach two pallets deep, carpet poles for moving large rolled materials, and paper clamps for handling rolls of packing or printing paper. There are boom attachments, both fixed and extendable, for reaching out and lifting loads from the top, similar to a crane. There are rotators that allow you to reposition the load up to 360 degrees, flip material upside down or dump a barrel, and there are even specialized clamps for holding baled materials such as recycled paper, hay, or cotton.

The right attachments can significantly improve your productivity. They are an important consideration when comparing cushion tire forklifts for sale. Think about how you will use your forklift and find out what attachments are available for whichever model you choose.

You should be able to purchase almost any attachment you want for a new machine, but it will result in a measurable increase in the cushion tire forklift cost. With used equipment, look for a vehicle that already has the attachments you want for your best price.

If you purchase a used forklift and you want to add attachments after the purchase, you will want to be sure to pick a vehicle that is new enough that you'll still be able to find compatible additions. Generally, if the vehicle is less than five years old, you should be able to find attachments for it.

Styles and Features of Class I and Class II Cushion Tire Forklifts

Not all cushion tire forklifts are the same. Some are as simple as a hand truck, for moving a pallet of items across the floor of a warehouse or onto a truck. These are operated by a person who walks alongside the unit.

There are traditional forklifts, with three or four cushion tires, to move items and lift them onto your racking system. Some have cabs with seating for the operator, while others are operated from a standing position in the open. These original-style lifts need some space to move around and are a good choice for a wide-aisle layout.

Finally, there are the narrow-aisle lift trucks. These are designed for the modern warehouse, where space is very valuable. These forklifts can move in very tight spaces and can be outfitted with order pickers or platforms, reach booms, and other specialty equipment. These trucks have revolutionized the shipping industry in recent years and have become incredibly popular.

How Do You Choose a Cushion Tire Forklift for Your Business?

Which style of forklift is right for your application? How much will your cushion tire forklift cost? With all of the styles, features, and attachments you can choose from, the price is going to vary widely depending on your specific needs.

If you purchase a new vehicle with a high lift capacity and several attachments, you will obviously expect to spend more than if you decide to go with an older model that comes with the features and attachments you want and a lower lift capacity.

The best way to decide what price you're looking for is to make a list of the features you need and then compare cushion tire forklifts for sale that fit your purposes. Visit us at Forklift Inventory to find both new and used vehicles that match your needs available nearby. Enter your specifications and in minutes, receive multiple quotes from local dealers on cushion tire forklifts for sale in your area. You will be able to compare models, specialized attachments, and features on new and used cushion tire forklifts of all kinds to find the perfect lift truck for your business.

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