How to Incorporate a Forklift Daily Checklist

January 08, 2021

It’s no surprise that a forklift daily checklist is critical to every operation. Not only does it protect the safety of operators and pedestrians, but it protects you from hefty OSHA fines and expensive forklift repairs.

Still, it can be tough to incorporate a forklift daily checklist into everyday operations. Work gets busy, and things slip through the cracks. You may even have a daily forklift inspection sheet that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

We’re here to help. Learn more about forklift inspections and what to include on your forklift daily checklist. Then, get tips and tricks on how to make safety a priority before every single operation.

What to Include in Your Daily Forklift Inspection Sheet

First, let’s go over what to inspect. Your daily forklift inspection sheet should be tailored to your equipment type and work environment, but OSHA provides example pre-operation checklists here. Toyota Material Handling also offers downloadable checklists in both English and Spanish here.

These are some things you should consider including in your forklift operator daily checklist:

  • Fluid Levels
  • Tire Condition
  • Fork Condition
  • Visible/Surface Imperfections
  • Safety Features (brakes, seat belts, horn, lights, etc.)

Again, it’s important to tailor your checklist to your specific equipment and workplace. For instance, if you have an electric forklift, you’ll want to check the battery and ensure that there are no exposed wires.

Also, if you work in an area with lots of pedestrian traffic, it will be extra important that all safety features are operating properly. These things are important to keep in mind when creating your own forklift operator daily checklist.

Tips for Making Forklift Inspections a Priority

A forklift daily inspection should be completed every day before the start of an operator’s shift. The checklist should be posted and easily accessible for operators to follow.

Once operators have inspected the equipment, they should write down any issues and take the equipment out of service if issues are found. The equipment should not be put back in service until all maintenance is complete.

To ensure that operators are remembering to complete the forklift daily inspection, consider providing a journal or log for them to document the date and time of their completed inspection. Have them initial or sign their name next to the time to invoke a sense of responsibility.

Routinely check to ensure that the forklift daily inspection checklist is in its proper place and is legible.

Operator documenting maintenance issues on a forklift daily checklist

When Inspections Lead to Maintenance

Sometimes, a forklift daily inspection will uncover an issue that requires the equipment to be removed from service. While no one likes equipment downtime, it is a necessary part of business.

However, when downtime exceeds operational time, there’s a problem. If your forklift daily inspection checklist is constantly uncovering flaws in your equipment, it may be time for a replacement.

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