Improve Forklift Performance with These Spring Maintenance Tips

March 19, 2021

Forklift operator uses maintainice checklist to conduct maintanence  a checklist to conduct forklift maintenance on their outdoor machine this spring.

Our homes aren’t the only ones in need of spring maintenance! As we prepare ourselves for longer and warmer days ahead, we must also prepare our forklifts.

Without the proper forklift care and maintenance, your machine can malfunction. Not only will this make for costly repairs, but it will also prevent your workers from reaching their full potential. However, there's no need to worry with our forklift maintenance guide!

As every season requires a different type of forklift maintenance, here are some forklift care tips to ensure tiptop shape for spring!

What To Do

  • Clean Regularly and Thoroughly. The moisture, pollen, and changing temperatures that come with this new season are the top culprits on our forklift spring maintenance guide! To offset build-up, wipe away any blockages you observe. To prevent further problems, practice forklift maintenance by regularly cleaning your forklifts and checking for damages.
  • Conduct Forklift Maintenance. Forklift care is servicing your vehicle each quarter, regardless of whether you're taking your forklift in or conducting the spring maintenance yourself. This is the easiest way to see if you need to replace your machine and gives you an overall idea on how your forklift is running.
  • Fix Mechanical Issues Right Away. Spring maintenance may introduce many issues to you that developed the previous season, which you will need to address immediately. While you might consider a malfunction small, it can be the sign of something much more serious and costly. Ignoring problems puts your forklift at a greater chance to malfunction, which puts both you and those around you in danger.
  • Internal and External Inspections. Winter conditions can impact your forklift just as they can impact your car. In fact, most operators experience increased forklift breakdowns during spring. To combat this, perform full inspections for forklift spring maintenance and check the engine, battery, tires, and even the hoses, for leaks.

Parts to Check

  • Brakes. Ensure rust and wear, which are most common in spring, aren't on your brake pads. Test for proper responsiveness and functioning. When it's time for forklift spring maintenance, find our blog on how to conduct a brake inspection here!
  • Engine. The engine needs to be examined, particularly the engine belt and fan. The belt works to distribute engine coolant and the fan works to disperse surface heat, preventing the equipment from overheating in spring's higher temperatures. Check for damage resulting from heat, cracking, or wear that could lead to aging and drying out.
  • Fluid Levels. The budding heat can heavily impact your vehicle, which is why forklift spring maintenance is essential for your fluid levels. Pay close attention to brake fluid, engine coolant, and transmission fluid to increase vehicle lifetime and disperse heat.
  • Forks. Inspect your fork for signs of physical damage, such as cracks or bending. It is also necessary to examine the thickness and height of the forks, as heavy loads can warp them considerably. If your forks are already bent, here's our forklift fork maintenance guide for repair.
  • Loose Fittings. Loose fittings, or loose connections, must be checked to prevent leaks, unnecessary vibration, and ineffective functioning of mechanisms. Parts that require special attention include the air systems, steering wheel, and all hardware, wiring, and hoses. If these parts require fixing, minor adjustments or tightening is generally sufficient.
  • Lubrication. Elements that are exposed to spring heat and friction require lubrication to prevent damage and further wear. Check your bushings, bearings, and chains frequently.
  • Seatbelt. As it protects the driver from injury, the seatbelt is the most important safety feature on your forklift. Therefore, a big part of your forklift care is ensuring your seatbelt is functioning safely by testing its responsiveness and checking for physical wear.
  • Tires. The spring presents many new textures and temperatures for your industrial forklift truck. Correct pressure and satisfactory condition is the goal when it comes to your tires. If your tires exhibit holes, excessive wear, or other visible damage, you should start considering a replacement.
A warehouse operator conducting forklift maintenance on an orange vehicle.

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