Is It Time to Replace My Forklift Tires?

January 28, 2021

Closeup of the tires on two orange counterbalance forklifts

Let’s face it, forklift tires aren’t necessarily cheap. If you’re going to pay hundreds of dollars for something, you want it to last as long as possible.

On the other hand, knowing when to replace forklift tires is critical. Not only is operating with bad tires inefficient, but it is entirely unsafe. Worn tires can lead to equipment damage, accidents, injuries, and even death.

Learn more about forklift tires below.

When to Replace Forklift Tires

The quick answer is to replace your forklift tires when wear reaches the top of the numbers. Cushion tires have a set of size numbers on them. For example, “16x5x11” would mean it’s a 16-inch tire. When the tire wears down to these numbers, you need to replace your tires.

Solid pneumatic tires will have a ring or band on the side, indicating at what point the tires should be replaced. With every use after this line, the chances of slipping and tipping increase exponentially.

Keep in mind that top wear is not the only indicator. Determining when to replace forklift tires depends on their condition as well. If there are chunks of rubber missing or tears across the rubber, replace the tire immediately.

Forklift Tire Replacement

Many professionals offer quick and easy forklift tire replacement. If you want to replace your tires on your own, follow these steps:

1. You’ll need a forklift jack, forklift tires, impact wrench, and a tire press (if changing cushion tires). Collect these items and find a flat, empty surface to work on.

2. Loosen the lug nuts with an impact wrench. Do not remove them completely, just loosen.

3. Raise the side of the forklift you’re working on with a forklift jack. Then, remove the lug nuts completely.

4. If you’re replacing a solid pneumatic tire, replace the old tire with a new one and move to step six. If you’re replacing a solid cushion tire, remove the rubber from the wheel and press a new one on with the forklift tire press.

5. Tighten the lug nuts with your fingers, then using the air impact tool. Check that the wheel is spinning freely and is balanced.

6. Lower the forklift and remove the jack. Test drive your equipment.

Changing forklift tires

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