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What is an Aerial Boom Lift?

Aerial boom lifts with platforms extended

Aerial boom lifts go by many different names. A boom lift is an aerial man lift designed to lift people or equipment to high places. Because of their extended reach, aerial boom lifts are ideal for providing access to hard-to-reach areas.

Different aerial man lifts provide different levels of access to tight spaces. Choosing an aerial lift for sale will depend on your specific needs. The two main types of aerial equipment for sale are articulating and straight mast aerial boom lifts.

Articulating aerial boom lifts are the most efficient at moving up and over obstacles. Straight mast aerial booms can reach higher than articulating aerial booms, giving them an advantage in outdoor workplaces.

Before you start comparing your options, it’s important to understand how aerial boom lifts are used, and what type of lift is best for your operation. Forklift Inventory is here with you every step of the way; from deciding on the type of aerial boom you need to comparing your options to find the best aerial equipment for sale.

We carry the largest inventory of aerial boom lifts for sale nationwide, and provide free comparative quotes to help you find the best deal on an aerial boom lift near you. Learn more about how an aerial man lift can help your workflow below, then use Forklift Inventory to find a great deal on an aerial lift for sale.

Is an Aerial Boom Lift Right for Me?

Narrow scissor lift being used indoors

Before comparing prices, let’s make sure you're looking for the right type of aerial lift for your individual needs.

Because aerial man lifts can extend so far they’re great for gaining access to areas blocked by obstacles or barriers. If you’re working in a tight warehouse and need access to high shelving instantly, an articulating aerial boom lift would be the ideal aerial equipment for sale for your business.

If you work outside on an open construction site and lift height is a priority, a straight aerial boom lift is the best choice. Consider straight aerial equipment for sale if you need to reach tough-to-access places.

Boom lifts fulfill a wide variety of applications. Make sure your operation aligns with the capabilities of an aerial boom lift before browsing.

Forklift Inventory is here to make sure that you find the right aerial boom for your business by offering free comparative quotes on a variety of aerial equipment for sale in your area. We offer the largest inventory of aerial boom lifts to help you find the right lifting equipment for your business or operation.

Finding the Best Aerial Boom Lift for Sale

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Choosing the best aerial lift for sale is no small matter. It is critical to find the most cost-effective, productive, and efficient aerial boom lift for your business or operation.

Forklift Inventory knows that you have an important decision to make. That’s why we do all of the work for you when it comes to finding an aerial lift for sale. We’ll send you pricing on a variety of industry-leading aerial boom lifts for sale in your area.

Simply compare your options and choose the aerial lift that’s right for you.

At Forklift Inventory, we understand that every operation is different. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll find the perfect aerial equipment for sale for you.

Get started comparing aerial boom lifts for sale today and find equipment that fits your needs.

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