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What is a Man Lift?

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A man lift is an aerial work platform designed to help operators access hard to reach places. Also known as boom lifts, these lifts are particularly useful because of how high they reach and their ability to articulate around workplace obstacles.

Aerial man lifts help workers access tight spaces which helps increase efficiency. Operating a man lift from the platform increases safety and control, while the lift height of the boom man lift helps raise the operator to otherwise inaccessible places.

Man lifts are equipped with a bucket attachment, which is used to lift the operator. In many cases, using a boom man lift can increase efficiency and productivity at a job site.

Understanding what applications a man lift can assist with and what characteristics you need from your lift is important before browsing man lifts for sale. Learn more about how an aerial man lift can help your workplace before you start comparing options for new or used man lifts for sale.

Forklift Inventory is your source for everything you need to know to find man lifts. Get more information on how aerial man lifts are used below.

Is a Man Lift Right for Me?

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Man lifts are typically used for maintenance or construction work. Often used outside, aerial man lifts can also be used for electrical work, like repairs to telephone wires.

Many boom man lifts are also used at crowded industrial worksites, giving workers access to tight spaces that are otherwise unreachable. Using an aerial man lift for construction or industrial projects is common thanks to their extended lift height.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, man lifts offer different lift heights and load capacities. Consider your individual needs before searching for man lifts for sale. You’ll want to invest in an aerial man lift that can handle your toughest projects.

Consider browsing man lifts for sale if you work in construction, building maintenance or repair, electrical work, or other industrial work. Overall, an aerial man lift is a great option if you need equipment that will help you access tough spaces quickly.

If a man lift sounds like the right equipment for you but is outside of your budget, browse our used and refurbished inventory. Forklift Inventory carries the largest inventory of boom man lifts for sale nationwide, so you’re sure to find a new or used boom man lift that works for you.

Finding the Best Man Lifts for Sale

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The best way to find a great deal on man lifts for rent or purchase is by comparing all of your options. Forklift Inventory is a free tool designed to help you compare boom man lifts for sale. 

When you use Forklift Inventory, you’ll get an upfront look at all of your options in one place. No more calling dealers or browsing websites. Simply let us know what you’re looking for, and our experts will match you with boom man lifts for sale that fit your needs.

Then, just compare prices on each of the boom man lifts for sale to find the best deal. We even offer man lifts for rent if you need help on a more short term project. 

Forklift Inventory makes it easy to find a man lift for your operation. Get started today to compare prices and equipment near you.

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