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What is a Turret Truck?

Small narrow aisle turret truck being used in a warehouse

Turret trucks are a type of lifting equipment designed for use in narrow warehouse aisles, hence their full name, narrow aisle turret trucks.

While many indoor forklifts are bulky, turret forklifts are perfect for efficient navigation.

In addition, while narrow warehouse aisles pose a problem for most equipment, turret trucks have forks that turn 180 degrees. That means turret forklifts can turn in tight spaces with ease.

Some turret trucks can lift to heights over 45 feet, making them ideal for order retrieval in high-density warehouses with tall shelving.

The narrow aisle turret truck is designed so that the operator sits in the carriage. Here, they have a clear view of the pallet being lifted, allowing them to operate the turret truck quickly and efficiently. 

Turrel forklifts are battery operated and have an electric engine, allowing for clean operation without emissions. Warehouse turret lift trucks are also equipped with cushion tires.

Both of these qualities are necessary when working indoors in tight spaces.

Is a Turret Truck Right for Me?

A turret truck forklift with labeled parts

So, should you start searching for turret trucks for sale? Let’s go over some common uses for narrow aisle turret trucks before you invest time browsing our inventory.

Above all else, if you work in a high-density warehouse, a turret truck is a great addition to your team. Turret lift trucks are specifically designed for one thing - quickly and easily navigating very narrow aisles.

This means aisles less than 6 feet are no trouble for narrow aisle turret trucks.

In addition, if you don’t currently work in a high-density warehouse, but you’re running out of space, consider investing in a turret truck forklift to prepare for the future by saving space. A turret lift truck is capable of lifting to heights above 45 feet. This ability, coupled with rotating forks, helps these machines stack items closely without wasting any space, and retrieve them just as easily.

If you’re sold on the idea of a narrow aisle turret truck for your workplace but aren’t sure if you have the money to invest, don’t worry. We’ll send you free quotes to help you compare turret truck prices near you. You can find the best deal in your area and a turret truck price that works for you.

We also carry both new and used turret truck forklifts so that you have more options.

A turret forklift is a great investment for warehouse operations. Get started browsing turret trucks for sale by comparing turret truck prices.

Finding the Best Turret Trucks for Sale

Orange and yellow turret trucks for sale

Now that you know what equipment you need, you’ll want to find trustworthy turret trucks for sale. 

Investing in a turret forklift is a big deal. Your turret truck forklift should last years, so it’s important to make a good choice.

What if you could somehow get listings for all the best narrow aisle turret trucks that fit your needs?

With Forklift Inventory, you can.

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