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Electric pallet jacks (also known as powered pallet jacks, power jacks, or electric pallet trucks) are basically manual pallet jacks with motors. The motor's function is to lift and move heavier loads than a manual pallet jack could. The power jacks' motor increases productivity in a couple of ways. The motor improves output by propelling the electric pallet truck faster and lifting forks higher.

Electric pallet jacks are very user-friendly. Operators can move forward or backward by the throttle on the handle. Steering is done by swinging the handle in the desired direction. Depending on the electric pallet truck model, you will either use a "dead man's switch" or "plugging" to stop the powered pallet jack. A "dead man's switch" is a brake alternative that stops the electric pallet truck immediately. "Plugging" is when you slow down or stop the electric pallet truck by adjusting the throttle as needed.

Electric pallet jacks operate well in tight spaces, like their manual counterparts. However, these power jacks have superior strength and durability due to their electric advantages. Harsh environments, constant jolts, and sudden directional changes won't slow down this equipment. Even used electric pallet jacks can offer years of effective operation.

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Powered pallet jacks in a warehouse with a few bullet points on how they're used.

Electric pallet jacks are generally used in the warehouse industry. These self-propelled electric pallet trucks are a great, energy-efficient investment. For needs intensive or light, powered pallet jacks will always deliver reliable results. The automation also allows for quiet transportation, without comprising the driver's comfort.

Reduced strain on drivers isn't the only benefit. The high maneuverability will make your operator's job easier than ever, leading to increased productivity.

The motor increases the powered pallet jacks' longevity to withstand all your daily operational needs.

The maintenance cost is also relatively low. Electric pallet jacks are used as a cheaper alternative to some of the pricier forklifts.

While power jacks require more upkeep than their manual counterparts, they are a more cost-effective option than most forklifts. Depending on the battery type on your model, batteries will either need to be recharged after several hours of use or will have a built-in charger.

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