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What is a Truck-Mounted Forklift?

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A truck-mounted forklift is, as the name suggests, designed to be mounted on the rear of a truck for transport. Because truck-mounted forklifts are attached to the back of a truck, they help save load space inside the vehicle.

Truck-mounted lifts, or piggyback forklifts, are especially useful for projects that require transporting equipment frequently.

You might also want to consider investing in a new or used truck-mounted forklift to help with unloading. Truck-mounted forklifts can be used to help unload the goods packed inside the truck.

Forklift Inventory is here to help, from giving you the tools for finding the perfect equipment to providing pricing on a variety of new and used truck-mounted forklifts for sale in your area.

Before you start browsing truck-mounted forklifts for sale, learn more about how this equipment is used to find out if it is a good fit for your business.

Is a Truck-Mounted Forklift Right for Me?

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Before you start your search for truck-mounted forklifts for sale, here are some common applications that might help you determine whether or not this equipment is right for you.

Typically, people who invest in a new or used truck-mounted forklift are looking for a way to increase the efficiency of their operation.

Truck-mounted forklifts are incredibly small and lightweight, making them easy to transport from one job site to another. If you have multiple job sites or are constantly hauling equipment from one location to another, these machines can help increase productivity and efficiency.

In addition, if you need a piece of equipment that can help you unload, a truck-mounted forklift is a great choice.

Truck-mounted lifts only have three wheels, making it easy for them to fit through tight spaces and retrieve items quickly and easily.

If any of these situations sound like yours, let Forklift Inventory help. We carry the largest selection of new and used truck-mounted forklifts nationwide. Get started by browsing our huge inventory of truck-mounted forklifts for sale.

Finding the Best Truck-Mounted Forklifts for Sale

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If you think a truck-mounted forklift would make a great addition to your operation, browse our inventory. Find the best deal on truck-mounted forklifts for sale.

Forklift Inventory makes it easy for you to compare your options for both new and used truck-mounted forklifts.

Simply let us know whether you’re looking for a new or used truck-mounted forklift. Then, select which features or capabilities you need from your truck-mounted lift. 

We’ll match you with truck-mounted forklifts that meet you and your business's needs.

Forklift Inventory is here to help make buying equipment easy. Get started searching our inventory of new and used truck-mounted forklifts for sale in your area.

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