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What is a Rough Terrain Forklift?

Used rough terrain forklift being used at an outdoor construction site

A rough terrain forklift operates much like a typical sit-down rider. The difference is that these machines are specifically designed to function in challenging outdoor environments.

Focusing on versatile mobility and easy control, rough terrain forklift manufacturers prioritize performance and traction to help each machine fulfill demanding tasks.

Rough terrain forklifts, also known as all-terrain forklifts, can tackle the toughest environments. They are capable of crawling efficiently over rocky and uneven surfaces, making rough terrain forklifts perfect for outdoor projects.

To help them cope with uneven terrain, both large and small rough terrain forklifts are equipped with large pneumatic tires that have deep treads. Rough terrain forklifts are also powered by an internal combustion engine that can run on either gasoline, diesel, or propane.

Be sure your machine has the qualities you need by comparing your options for rough terrain forklifts for sale before you choose.

Rough terrain forklifts have an enclosed spot for a driver, protected by a cage to shield the operator from dirt and debris.

The forks of the machine move up and down via a vertical mast that raises the load straight towards the sky. Small rough terrain forklifts with vertical masts have two large front tires and two small rear tires for maximum stability. 

Telescopic forklifts are also considered a type of rough terrain forklift, but they utilize a telescoping boom, which lifts the load both up and away from the base.

Considered a Class 7 forklift by OSHA, rough terrain forklifts can have a load capacity anywhere from 5,000 to 36,000 pounds, depending on the model and rough terrain forklift manufacturer.

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Is a Rough Terrain Forklift Right for You?

Small rough terrain forklift used for construction, road work, outdoor maintenance, and all-weather operations

Before browsing new or used rough terrain forklifts make sure this equipment type is right for your project.

Rough terrain forklifts are most commonly used at construction sites. Construction equipment like rough terrain forklifts must be able to lift heavy loads, operate outside, and perform demanding work. With these capabilities, rough terrain forklifts are ideal for road work, building maintenance, and other all-weather operations.

Not only are rough terrain forklifts durable and tough during outdoor work, but they have a higher ground clearance and diesel engines, making them better equipped to navigate hills and slopes.

There are also small rough terrain forklifts available for quicker navigation at more crowded workplaces. Even the small rough terrain forklifts have unmatched durability and strength.

Of course, the extra durability of a rough terrain forklift costs extra dollars. 

Most prices for both large and small rough terrain forklifts are at least twice what an average indoor forklift would cost. Consider buying a used rough terrain forklift if the cost is your main concern.

Forklift Inventory carries both new and used rough terrain forklifts for sale from industry-leading rough terrain forklift manufacturers.

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