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What is an All-Terrain Forklift?

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Standard counterbalance forklifts aren’t designed to handle tough outdoor environments. That’s where all-terrain forklifts come in.

All-terrain forklift features that allow them to operate in difficult and uneven outdoor environments.

These all-terrain forklift features include large pneumatic tires. The tires on a terrain forklift are air-filled and have deep treads, giving them traction on rocky ground.

In addition, these tires provide the terrain forklift with more stability over uneven surfaces, allowing even small all-terrain forklifts to maneuver easily over rough terrain without tipping.

All-terrain forklifts also have higher ground clearance than standard forklifts, increasing their ease of movement. 

These assets, coupled with four-wheel drive and a tough exterior, make all-terrain forklifts strong and resilient, despite tough conditions. Investing in a new or used all-terrain forklift can increase efficiency on outdoor job sites. 

Plus, despite their toughness, not every terrain forklift is large. Small all-terrain forklifts tackle rough terrain with maximum maneuverability. Forklift Inventory has all of your options for all-terrain forklifts. Browse our inventory of new and used all-terrain forklifts.

Is an All-Terrain Forklift Right for Me?

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If you need lifting equipment for tough outdoor projects, an all-terrain forklift is perfect for you.

Most terrain forklifts are used on construction sites or for industrial, all-weather projects.

Many small all-terrain forklifts lift straight up via a straight mast, while larger all-terrain forklifts lift up and out via a telescopic boom.

If you think an all-terrain forklift is a great fit for your operation, but not your wallet, consider investing in a used all-terrain forklift.

Still not sure if an all-terrain forklift is right for you? Browse our inventory of all-terrain forklifts for sale by comparing pricing on a variety of models. Find out more about different all-terrain forklifts, and determine which equipment is a good fit for your operation.

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