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What is a Walkie Stacker?

Small walkie stacker being used in a warehouse

A walkie stacker is an electric-powered material handling machine often used in warehouses. The walkie stacker gets its name from how it is used; with an operator walking behind the machine and utilizing it to stack pallets. That’s why this equipment is also known as a walk-behind pallet stacker or walkie pallet stacker.

To operate a walk-behind pallet stacker, the worker must use the handle on the machine’s arm, known as a tiller, to control and move the equipment. Walkie pallet stackers have a straight mast that moves forks up and down to lift loads vertically.

Some walkie stacker forklifts have two front legs to help distribute the load weight, while others simply have a counterbalance weight at the back of the machine. Certain walkie stackers known as walkie reach trucks have a pantographic scissor mast, which allows them to move loads horizontally away from the main mast.

Before you compare walkie stackers for sale, it’s important to know your specific needs. Consider how much workspace you have and what kind of environment you need to operate the stand up forklift in.

Investing in a walkie stacker forklift is a great decision for certain businesses, but for others, another forklift type might be a better fit. Learn more about this equipment to make sure it’s the right choice for you before browsing walkie stackers for sale.

Is a Walkie Stacker Right for Me?

A walkie stacker forklift with labeled parts

Walkie stackers are most commonly used in storerooms or small warehouses where larger forklifts would be unnecessary. Walkie pallet stackers get the job done quickly and efficiently but are more limited in their capabilities than some other forklift types because of their small size.

You can use a walkie pallet stacker to transport pallets in compact areas. It’s also important to note that operators do not need a forklift license to operate a walk-behind pallet stacker unless the machine is a ride-on walkie stacker. Investing in a walkie pallet stacker also requires a low upfront cost compared to other forklift types.

A walkie stacker forklift is a great tool for moving small capacity loads around warehouses and other indoor spaces. These stand up forklifts are easy to operate and maneuver through tight warehouse aisles. Walkie pallet stackers can be used in a wide variety of industries, including forging & casting general manufacturing, and food storage.

Walkie reach trucks, which have a horizontal scissor mast for moving loads away from the mainmast, are particularly ideal for loading trailers and utility vehicles. Consider choosing a walkie reach truck if you need additional accessibility and reach.

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Woman using a walkie stacker in narrow warehouse aisles

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