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What is a Zoom Boom Forklift?

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A zoom boom forklift is a strong industrial truck designed to endure rough terrain.

Zoom boom telehandlers are fitted with an extendable boom, hence their name. Because of this attachment, zoom booms have greater capabilities than straight mast forklifts and can move loads more freely.

The lift capacity of a zoom boom forklift depends heavily on the extension and angle of the boom arm.

While there’s no doubt that zoom booms have more flexibility than their straight mast counterparts, the stability of straight mast machines typically allows them to lift more weight.

On the other hand, a zoom boom can, depending on the model, extend 30 or more feet, giving them a huge advantage during outdoor projects, especially if the site is not necessarily easy to navigate.

Overall, a zoom boom telehandler is a great tool for a variety of applications. Get a specific breakdown of each of those applications below before you browse zoom booms for sale.

Is a Zoom Boom Forklift Right for Me?

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Zoom boom telehandlers have a wide range of applications. Before you start searching for zoom booms for sale, it’s important to understand exactly what your operation needs.

What kinds of tasks are you hoping to accomplish? Will a zoom boom help you to accomplish them?

So, what exactly is a zoom boom used for?

Typically, zoom boom forklifts are used for outdoor applications, often in agricultural, construction, or landscaping industries. 

Because they offer more movement than other types of forklifts, zoom boom telehandlers are prized for their efficiency and versatility. Different attachments can be added to the end of the zoom boom as well, increasing their versatility and usefulness even further.

Popular zoom boom forklift applications include lifting heavy construction materials or clearing an outdoor job site. 

Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve, a zoom boom lift can be a great tool to help you achieve it.

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