How Much Does an Order Picker Forklift Cost?

November 17, 2022 - Last modified: November 14, 2022 @ 5:36 pm

There are many types of forklifts available for different industries and operations. Depending on your warehouse operations, either one specific model or several different types of lift trucks may work best. If your business relies heavily on quickly moving through inventory, an order picker may be most suitable for you. Here is a guide on figuring out a reasonable order picker forklift cost.

What Is an Order Picker Forklift?

An order picker is a type of lift truck built with an operator platform that moves with the fork. This platform allows an operator to retrieve individual items rather than entire pallets easily. Order pickers are designed to be more maneuverable in narrow aisles and have the ability to move loads from side to side as well as up and down. This type of forklift is ideal for warehouse operations requiring high-volume rotation for both single items and bulk orders.

What Are the Advantages of an Order Picker Forklift?

Compared to traditional forklifts, order pickers have faster lifting speeds, quicker lowering speeds, and shorter travel times. With an order picker, you ultimately get shorter pick times. If your work environment requires the quick movement of a large product inventory, order pickers work best. Because these forklifts allow operators to access single packages without having to move huge pallets, order pickers can keep up with fast-paced workflows. In short, these forklifts increase the overall efficiency of your workplace.

What Does the Average Order Picker Forklift Cost? 

Order picker forklift cost varies based on several factors, including accessories, manufacturer, lift capacity, and type of engine. Vendor pricing can also affect cost.

New order pickers can range from $3,500 to over $25,000. The following elements can drive up costs:

  • Heavy lift capacity
  • High electric engine voltage
  • Tire type
  • Higher lift height
  • Platform maneuverability 
  • Automatic operator controls

Used order pickers are typically about half the price of a new forklift. The current lifespan of the forklift significantly affects the price. If a used forklift has few operating hours on it, the cost may be more than half of a new unit. If the forklift has many operating hours, the cost can be less than half of a new forklift.

When opting for a used forklift, the potential lifespan of your order picker forklift should be considered. Make sure that a thorough inspection is performed to find anything that could be a problem. Taking into account the potential repairs of a used forklift is important when factoring an order picker forklift cost, especially since these types of forklifts are typically used at high-volume workplaces.

How Can You Request a Quote for an Order Picker Forklift Cost?

There is an extensive selection of used and new order pickers available for purchase from countless vendors. At Forklift Inventory, we can help you find the best order picker forklift cost. In addition to our wide array of new and used order pickers, our buyer's guide and free quotes make your purchasing decision easier. We can quickly provide multiple quotes for dealers in your area. Compare pricing for an order picker at Forklift Inventory today!

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