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What is an Order Picker?

Small order picker lift used by an operator in a crowded warehouse

Before you browse order pickers for sale, here’s a breakdown of the equipment. An order picker is a type of material handling equipment designed to help users retrieve boxes, typically in a warehouse environment.

Like a narrow aisle reach truck, an order picker machine is ideal for picking stock from warehouse racking systems. However, instead of simply lifting its forks to retrieve a pallet, an order picker lifts the operator too.

To use an order picker machine, a forklift operator stands on a platform. The mast of the order picker raises the platform, lifting it anywhere from nine to 35 feet depending on whether the machine is a mid-level order picker or high-level order picker. 

Order pickers are also known as stock picker lifts or stock picker forklifts because of their popular warehouse use. Order picker machines are very user friendly and have a surprisingly high lift capacity for their size.

Both mid-level and high-level order picker forklifts typically have a maximum lift capacity of around 3,000 pounds.

Since the platform of the order picker forklift is integrated with the forks themselves, additional safety training is recommended. You don’t want the stock picker lift to accidentally move while you’re grabbing an order.

Because of this, picker forklifts are typically equipped with a “dead man’s switch” to prevent the stock picker forklift from moving while the operator is stocking or picking.

Overall, these warehouse picker machines are incredibly efficient and user-friendly. 

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Is an Order Picker Right for You?

An order picker forklift used for warehouse orders, case picking, and retrieving piece-part orders

Order picker forklifts have similar applications to narrow aisle reach trucks. Like the latter, order picker trucks are often used in warehouses, hence their nickname, warehouse picker machines.

As their name implies, order picker machines are used to fulfill specific orders by picking out items from warehouse shelving. You might want to consider browsing order pickers for sale if you need a tool to help assist with this.

Whether you call them order pickers or warehouse picker machines, this equipment is ideal for situations when workers are case picking or need to retrieve piece-part orders, rather than full pallets or loads.

There are different sized platforms available to make an order picker lift more versatile for those dealing with odd-sized loads or larger loads, like furniture.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, these warehouse picker machines are efficient and versatile replacements for equipment like pallet trucks and rolling ladders. Order picker trucks are designed for warehouse tasks.

On the other hand, if you need something for unit load picking or right angle stacking, an order picker forklift might not be the best option for you.

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