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What is a Reach Stacker?

Large yellow reach stacker carrying a shipping container

A reach stacker, also known as a reach stacker forklift, is a type of material handling equipment. These machines are built to transport heavy shipping containers from one place to another, which is why they’re often called container reach stackers.

While empty and loaded container handlers only raise loads vertically on a straight mast, reach stackers can extend up and away from their base. This multidirectional boom gives them a deeper reach, so most reach stackers can stack four containers high in the third row and five high in the first.

In comparison, loaded container handlers can only stack one row deep. While this method of stacking can save time and space, it does decrease the selectivity of the machinery. A reach stacker will require a larger number of “dead picks” for it to reach the container you need, meaning it has lower selectivity than other container handlers.

Overall, container reach stackers are powerful machines that are capable of lifting incredibly heavy loads quickly and efficiently. A reach stacker forklift can typically carry up to 100,000 pounds of cargo.

If you need a container reach stacker for your business, Forklift Inventory is the place to find one. We offer both new and used reach stackers for sale from industry-leading manufacturers. Get started today and compare your options for reach stackers for sale in one place.

Is a Reach Stacker Right for Me?

A container reach stacker with labeled parts

Before browsing reach stackers for sale, let’s make sure that a reach stacker is the best fit for you. After all, investing in a container reach stacker isn’t necessarily cheap.

The best way to determine if a reach stacker forklift is right for you is by considering your individual workflow. Are you transporting loaded or empty containers? How frequently will you be moving loads? How much space do you have to work with?

Understanding your individual needs before you start searching for reach stackers for sale is critical. If you’re lifting heavy, loaded containers, a container reach stacker might be a great option. If not, consider an empty container handler instead. 

In addition, if you’re moving loads frequently and are trying to save space, a reach stacker can help. On the other hand, if you need to retrieve containers often from the pile, a reach stacker will be less efficient because of its lower selectivity.

If a reach stacker forklift sounds like a great fit for your business, compare your options with Forklift Inventory. Find the best deal on new and used reach stackers near you.

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Used reach stacker transporting cargo

Compare all of your options for reach stackers for sale with Forklift Inventory. Just answer a few questions about what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with equipment that’s perfect for the job.

Receive free pricing and information on a variety of reach stackers for sale to find the best deal in your area. By comparing your options, you’re sure to make the right choice and end up with a reach stacker that’s a great fit for your business.

Tight budget? Forklift Inventory also offers high-quality used reach stackers for sale from licensed, pre-screened dealers. Browse used reach stackers in great condition to help you save money.

We carry a variety of new and used reach stackers for sale from industry-leading manufacturers. Trust Forklift Inventory to show you the best equipment in your area for great prices.

Whether you’re looking for new or used reach stackers for sale, Forklift Inventory is the place to do it. Compare all of your options in one place to find a container reach stacker that’s perfect for your business.

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