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What is a Pneumatic Forklift?

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A pneumatic tire forklift is a type of counterbalance forklift with pneumatic tires, which are similar to the tires on your car. These tires have deep treads and are typically air-filled. Unlike their cushion tire counterparts, pneumatic tire forklifts can operate on outdoor surfaces. 

Since air-filled pneumatic tires come with the risk of popping or deflating, solid pneumatic tires are also an option. Certain operations that require navigation around areas littered with sharp metal debris or nails may need to utilize this option.

Pneumatic tire forklifts are designed to traverse over uneven surfaces while maintaining stability. These forklifts can handle essentially any type of outdoor terrain. While this increases their versatility, it also increases their price.

Pneumatic forklifts are typically more expensive than cushion forklifts. Despite this, pneumatic tires are typically less durable than cushion tires and require more maintenance. In addition, air-filled pneumatic tires come with the risk of puncture.

Pneumatic forklifts have a straight mast, so they can only lift vertically. Most pneumatic forklifts for sale have a lift height of around 15 feet and a load capacity between 30,000 and 50,000 pounds. Heavy-duty high-capacity models can lift up to 125,000 pounds.

If you plan to operate outside, a pneumatic tire forklift is a great option. These tough machines offer strength and stability on uneven surfaces. Use Forklift Inventory to browse equipment near you. Compare all of your options for pneumatic tire forklifts for sale before choosing. Find a durable pneumatic forklift in minutes.

Is a Pneumatic Tire Forklift Right for Me?

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Before you start comparing pneumatic forklifts for sale, let’s make sure this equipment is the best fit for your business. While these machines can be used for a variety of outdoor purposes, there are a few industries in which they are most commonly found. 

Companies in the brick, block, and pipe industry typically use pneumatic forklifts to transport materials across outdoor worksites. Steel mills, lumber yards, and oil refineries need sturdy equipment for transporting wide loads in dusty and dirty environments. Pneumatic tire forklifts offer a solution.

Outdoor general manufacturing operations can also use this equipment for material handling. Since there are many different types of general manufacturing applications, this industry can benefit from this equipment’s multi-functionality. Keep in mind that different models offer different features, like a wider carriage or wide-view mast. Be sure to understand your specific needs before browsing pneumatic forklifts for sale.

These are just a few of the many industries that utilize this equipment. If you think your company could benefit, start browsing the largest inventory of pneumatic forklifts for sale with Forklift Inventory. 

Find equipment with the functionality you need for your specific operation. Get started today and compare forklifts for sale near you.

Finding the Best Pneumatic Tire Forklifts for Sale

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There are tons of options when it comes to buying equipment. Where do you start? 

Right here! Forklift Inventory is a free online tool designed to help you compare forklift models from a huge variety of industry-leading brands. 

Start by answering a few questions to give us an idea of what you’re looking for. Then, we’ll match you with pneumatic tire forklifts for sale that fit your particular needs. You’ll receive pricing and information on each of these options straight to your inbox. 

Review listings for equipment near you to find the best deal in your area. Take your time reviewing each machine and find a pneumatic tire forklift with all of the features your business needs. 

When you’re shopping for expensive equipment, nothing beats transparency. Shop with confidence and get the full picture on all of your options for pneumatic tire forklifts for sale before you choose. 

Purchasing a forklift has never been this easy. Get started now and find a pneumatic tire forklift for your operation today.

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