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What is a Narrow Aisle Reach Truck?

Warehouse Reach Truck

Narrow aisle reach trucks, sometimes just called reach trucks, are designed to travel easily through warehouses with narrow aisles, specifically, narrower than 12 feet. These machines are also known as stand up reach forklifts or simply stand up forklifts because the driver must stand to operate them.

Stand up reach forklifts are some of the most efficient warehouse forklifts as they are capable of navigating narrow spaces with ease. Many crowded warehouses use stand up reach forklifts to transport items quickly and efficiently around obstacles.

Narrow aisle reach trucks can navigate tight spaces for a number of reasons. First, narrow aisle forklifts have an articulating carriage that allows its forks to rotate a full 180 degrees. 

This saves a narrow aisle lift truck from having to turn itself after entering an aisle. Instead, the narrow aisle lift truck only needs to turn its forks.

Secondly, narrow aisle forklifts have two outer legs that assist in distributing load weight, with two wheels at the back directly under the operator. This allows the narrow aisle reach forklift to make tight turns when navigating from one aisle to another.

Narrow aisle forklifts are incredibly easy to maneuver because of their compact design. This has given narrow aisle reach forklifts another name - very narrow aisle forklifts. Very narrow aisle forklifts are simply the best equipment for high-density warehouse operations.

Most reach trucks have a wire guidance system, offering controlled steering for confident operation. Because of this, these stand up forklifts are incredibly easy to maneuver.

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Is a Reach Truck Right for You?

A narrow aisle reach truck used for retrieving pallets and maneuvering between warehouse aisles

What exactly is a narrow aisle reach truck used for? Before you start browsing narrow aisle forklifts for sale, let’s make sure this is the right equipment for you.

Narrow aisle forklifts are designed to assist with load handling from rack shelving. This means that they’re ideal for retrieving and depositing pallets in racks. 

Many warehousing spaces rely on stacking upwards as a space-saver when expanding outwards isn’t an option anymore. Very narrow aisle forklifts are the perfect tool for this.

Using a narrow aisle lift truck allows the operator to easily reach significant heights without sacrificing lift capacity or maneuverability. If you need access to any pallet quickly in a space where storage density is tight, a reach truck might be the best choice for you.

Narrow aisle forklifts are capable of reaching exceptional heights and lifting heavy loads. Using these machines in a challenging warehouse environment with little open space gives users the confidence needed to operate a narrow aisle lift truck safely.

A narrow aisle forklift is a staple piece of machinery for all warehouses. If you think this machine might be a good fit for you, get started finding quality narrow aisle forklifts for sale near you.

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There are a variety of forklift types to choose from. OSHA categorizes forklift equipment into seven different classes. The first four classifications cover different types of warehouse forklifts, including standard counterbalance forklifts, order pickers, and narrow aisle reach trucks.

The other classifications cover types of outdoor forklifts. This includes telehandlers, rough terrain forklifts, and container handlers. To figure out what forklift type you need, consider the types of loads you plan to move. Also, think about whether you will be operating indoors or outdoors.

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