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What is a Boom Lift?

Green and white boom lift being used outdoors

A boom lift is a type of aerial lift with a bucket attachment that is used to lift people or equipment to high places. Boom lifts, also called cherry pickers, are controlled from the bucket area and can move both vertically and horizontally.

When looking for boom lifts for sale, it is important to note that new and used boom lifts can come in two types, straight mast boom lifts or articulating boom lifts

The first type of boom lift machine has no bends or pivots in the extending arm. 

On the other hand, an articulating boom lift has different pivot points to help the arm move up and over or around obstacles. 

Regardless of the type of boom lift machine you choose, this equipment is ideal for providing quick access to otherwise inaccessible places. 

Boom lift machines are suitable for a wide range of applications and are incredibly effective and safe when used correctly. There are also small boom lifts available for indoor use.

If you’re searching for new or used boom lifts for sale, start with Forklift Inventory. We offer a wide range of new and used boom lifts and can match you with the perfect equipment for your needs.

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Is a Boom Lift Right for You?

Articulating boom lifts and straight mast boom lifts used for window cleaning, construction, electrical repair, and rigging

Aerial boom lifts are very versatile and offer higher extension and mobility than some other aerial lifts.

However, most boom lifts typically hold less than 500 pounds, which is substantially less than the capabilities of scissor lifts that only extend vertically.

Before you browse boom lifts for sale, consider whether or not a new or used boom lift is actually a good fit for your operation.

Some common applications for a boom lift machine include window cleaning, construction, electrical repair, cable repair, painting, and much more. In the entertainment industry, boom lifts are used to suspend equipment like lights. Since workers operate the machine from the platform, this equipment is often known as a man lift.

Boom lifts can be used at outdoor construction sites, giving operators a way to approach tight spaces that would normally be tough to access.

Small boom lifts and towable booms are critical tools for a number of applications as well. These machines offer more mobility indoors, allowing users to navigate more precisely in tight spaces. If you need access to a certain area that would otherwise be inaccessible, consider comparing boom lifts for sale. 

While they might not be able to transport heavy loads, small boom lifts can quickly elevate operators and transport them to tough-to-reach spots surrounded by obstacles.

Whether you’re looking for a new or used boom lift, we have the perfect equipment for you in our inventory of boom lifts for sale. 

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