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What is a Straight Boom Lift?

Two straight mast boom lifts extended outside

Before you start comparing straight boom lifts for sale, it’s important to understand just what a straight boom is and how it is used.

A straight boom lift, also known as a straight mast boom lift, is a piece of lifting equipment that can lift people or equipment to heights over 180 feet, depending on the model.

A straight mast boom lift, as the name implies, has a straight boom arm that doesn’t bend or articulate extending out from the base.

While this lack of bending may prohibit some potential mobility, it gives the straight boom lift stability. This helps a straight mast boom lift reach even higher than an articulating boom lift.

Purchasing or renting a straight boom lift rental could be great for the success of your project. 

Keep reading to learn more about whether or not a straight mast boom lift is right for your operation. 

Is a Straight Boom Lift Right for Me?

Yellow straight mast boom lift with labeled parts

There are plenty of applications for which you might consider investing in straight boom lifts for sale.

Before you buy a straight mast boom lift, set your priorities. 

How important is lift height for your operation? Straight boom lifts are ideal for reaching incredibly high heights. 

A straight boom is more stable and will be able to lift higher than most aerial boom lifts. If this is your priority, consider browsing straight boom lifts for sale.

If you’re moving work equipment or maneuvering outdoors, the stability of a straight boom will be a huge asset.

Secondly, consider where you will be working. If you’re working outside in a wide-open space, a straight boom lift will once again be ideal.

Whereas indoor warehouses tend to be tight and crowded, outdoor sites often offer more space.

This is ideal considering that a straight boom manlift can’t bend around obstacles.

A straight mast boom lift can be particularly useful if you’re working outside and need to reach high places that are relatively unobstructed.

If you think a straight mast boom lift might be right for your operation, get started with Forklift Inventory. 
We even offer a variety of straight boom lifts for sale, plus straight boom lift rental for more short term projects.

Finding the Best Straight Boom Lifts for Sale

Multiple straight boom lifts outside

The only way to ensure that you’re getting the best deal on a straight boom lift is by comparing straight boom lifts for sale.

Forklift Inventory can help.

Forklift Inventory is a free tool designed to allow you to compare all of your options for straight boom lifts for sale near you. We even offer a variety of straight boom lift rentals for more short term projects.

Compare the prices and features of different straight boom manlifts, all in one place.

Let us know what you’re looking for from your straight boom manlift and we’ll match you with free quotes for straight boom lifts for sale that fit your needs.

If you’re considering purchasing a straight boom manlift or investing in straight boom lift rental, Forklift Inventory is the tool for you.

Get started comparing straight boom lifts for sale in your area today and find the perfect straight boom manlift for your operation.

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