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What is an Articulating Boom Lift?

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It’s important to understand what an articulating boom lift is and how it works before browsing equipment.

An articulating boom lift is an aerial work platform connected by an arm with multiple sections allowing the arm to bend. The articulating boom arm is powered by a hydraulic system to extend and is convenient for reaching blocked or otherwise obscured areas of operation.

These pivot points, or places where the sections interconnect, are sometimes called “knuckles”, which is why you’ll often hear articulating boom forklifts referred to as “knuckle boom lifts”. This adds versatility to the machine, making an articulating boom lift ideal for gaining the extra reach you need to work around or over obstacles on the worksite. 

An articulating boom forklift is great for navigating tight spaces, especially indoors. Small articulating boom lifts are also available for the most limited indoor areas.

Before you use Forklift Inventory to browse articulating boom lifts for sale, we’ll help you decide if an articulating lift is the best option for you. Learn more about different applications for an articulating man lift below.

Is an Articulating Boom Lift Right for Me?

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An articulating boom lift is ideal for lifting people and equipment around obstacles. If you need access to hard-to-reach areas, an articulating man lift is the right equipment for your business or operation.

Keep in mind, however, that because articulating booms don’t extend straight, they will not be as stable as their straight mast counterparts. That means that an articulating boom forklift cannot lift as high or carry as much weight as a boom lift with a straight mast.

Before determining which type of equipment you need, consider where you’ll be working.

If you’re working in a tight space, the articulating boom forklift is going to have an automatic advantage over other options simply because of how efficiently it can move around objects and obstacles.

If you’re working inside, you’ll definitely want to consider a small articulating boom lift because, most likely, space will be tight and navigation will be more difficult. Small articulating boom lifts are ideal for indoor operations that prioritize efficiency and space-saving.

Overall, knuckle boom lifts are a great tool for tons of operations. If you think a knuckle boom lift might be the best choice for you, get started with Forklift Inventory.

There’s no need to browse articulating boom lifts for sale if this isn’t the right equipment for you. That’s why it’s important to fully understand what your operation’s needs and priorities are before you get started. Forklift Inventory carries many different types of forklifts to meet your needs. Check out our free resources to get information on other types of equipment.

Browse the largest selection of articulating boom lifts for sale and compare pricing and features to find the best deal on an articulating man lift near you.

Finding the Best Articulating Boom Lifts for Sale

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Finding a great deal on anything means comparing your options. Finding the right articulating boom lift is no different.

Comparing articulating boom lifts for sale will help you get a clear look at all of your choices. Forklift Inventory carries hundreds of articulating lifts for you to compare.

Receive free pricing on each articulating boom forklift to find the best deal and equipment for you. Once you have the pricing on each articulating lift, you can determine which one is the best deal.

Get a transparent look at all of your options for articulating boom lifts for sale in your area instantly.

Just let us know what you’re looking for and Forklift Inventory will match you with a wide selection of articulating man lifts that meet your needs.

Forklift Inventory carries a huge selection of articulating boom lifts for sale. Whether you’re looking for large or small articulating boom lifts, we can help you find the most cost-effective equipment for you.

Get started today to find the perfect articulating boom forklift for your operation.

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